"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength" - Sigmund Freud

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Trauma Therapy

Do you want to confront your past and present traumas?

Your trauma and pain do not define who you are, learn the skills to be able to heal from what you have endured.

  • Learn to identify trauma related symptoms and responses that can be impacting your life.
  • Process painful memories and experiences in a nonjudgmental space and begin to find closure.
  • Identify and understand your triggers and learn the tools to be able to cope with potential stressful situations in the future.
  • Start to understand the adverse psychological, emotional, and physical effects trauma has had on you.

Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced some form of trauma from acute, chronic, complex, or intergenerational trauma. Learn the skills to combat your trauma and begin to heal and thrive.

Trauma Therapy


Perinatal Mood Disorders

Want to feel like yourself again?

Society has unattainable standards of what the “perfect” parent is, these standards can harm one's self-esteem, relationship and make you feel like you are not a good parent, let's challenge society's unattainable norms together.

  • Receive treatment for challenges that arise due to miscarriages, pregnancy, infertility, and perinatal mood disorders.
  • Education about mood disorders and understanding stressors.
  • Navigate shifts in your identity, embrace the imperfections and begin to provide yourself with compassion. 
  • Gain support and therapeutic treatment for individuals experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, and trauma. 
  • Comprehensive therapy for adoptive parents and LGBTQIA+ parents.

You are not alone in the way you feel, I am here to help.

Perinatal Mood Disorder


Anxiety and Depression

Do you sometimes feel like you're not yourself?

Let’s replace your negative and unproductive thought patterns with more realistic and useful ones.

  • Acquire the tools you need to stop the negative thoughts and worries that impact your daily life and hinder you from accomplishing your goals.
  • Obtain coping mechanisms to help elevate anxious and uncomfortable feelings in social settings.
  • Develop skills to cope with distress under pressure and manage emotional intensity.
  • Gain control over concentration issues and procrastination which are associated with anxiety and depression.

Everyone can live a life where worrying and stress do not impact their daily functioning. Learn to be comfortable in your skin again and begin to have self-compassion.

Anxiety and depression


Millennials & Adult Generation Z

So, your 20’s and 30’s don’t look like a 90’s Romantic Comedy?

You’re on your own path and don’t need to feel guilty about that.

  • Navigate your stress and anxiety regarding others’ expectations of where your life should be in your 20’s and 30’s, due to religious guilt, identity concerns or cultural background.
  • Gain control over what you want for your life and realize that the big picture problems can be made into achievable steps.
  • Obtain coping mechanisms to elevate anxiety regarding finical insecurity, gig economy and relationship concerns.
  • Challenge the beliefs in your head that say: "To truly be successful, I must have a partner".
  • Acquire the tools to be able to make friends as an adult.
  • Tackle errand paralysis which causes mental blockages, anxiety, and negative self-esteem.

I am here to normalize your thoughts feelings and concerns. You are not alone in the way you think. I am here to aid you in feeling confident in yourself and your life choices.

Millennials and adults generation Z


Other Areas of Experience & Expertise

I have experience working with the following:
  • Individuals who have Special Needs
  • Parents who have a child with Special Needs
  • Burnout
  • Women’s Concerns
  • HIV/AIDS patients
  • Survivors of Terror and War
  • Survivors of Human Trafficking and Forced Labor
  • Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • African Refugee Women and Children
  • Relationship Issues
  • Working with clients in the Adult Entertainment Industry
  • Working with clients in the Tech Industry
  • Working with College and Professional Athletes
  • Working with First Responders and Medical Professionals
  • Working with Veterinary professionals
Other areas of experience and expertise

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